2nd Cole Harbour Group

Bring on the Adventure

Bring a Friend

October 2010 is our next "Bring a Friend" Month

Bring on the adventure

October 2010 is our next "Bring a Friend" month. We want our Beavers, Cubs and Scouts to invite a friend to two regular meetings so that they can see how much fun we have and learn how to join up.

Bring in a school friend, a buddy from hockey, soccer, baseball or any other sprots team you play on, a brother or sister, or someone new in your neighborhood.

For the youth and leaders ... if you invite a friend, you can earn this badge for your camp fire blanket.

We have special "Bring a Friend" invitations to give to an invited friend that will let their parents know what is involved:

Online info for
"Bring a Friend" Parents

When inviting a new friend, make sure that you give the parents a link to our website. They can look at the following pages for more information:

  • About Us to get an overview of all the youth programs available with our Group.

  • Join Us to get information on our registration procedures and costs.

  • Check Us Out for links to all the major programs so they can learn more about us.

  • For Parents for links to information that parents will be interested in including our Frequently Asked Questions.