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100 Years of Scouting

This year, Scouting worlwide is celebrating it's 100 year anniversary. How will we celebrate our first 100 years?
Lets take a look:

  • Group Website
    The creation of this website is our continuing to broaden our reach and emphasize the benefits of the Scouting movement. Throuhg our website, we will be able to report on what's happening and provide a tool that Section Leaders can use to provide online information to prospective parents and youth.
  • Baden-Powell Dinner
    We gathered youth, parents and leaders to celebrate the 150th birthday of Baden-Powell, and the 100th anniversary of founding the Scouting movement.
  • Annual Spring Camp
    Warmer weather brings opportnities for us to gather and enjoy the outdoors. This year, the Group will meet at Camp Masketepoon to partake in hiking, rambles, camping, and scouting skills.

As we partake in more activities that celebrate our centennial, we will add them to this page.

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